Saturday, February 4, 2012

The World of Cross Stitching

Creativity comes in many ways. It may be singing, painting, dancing, writing and more. Some of you may say, “I have no talent”. I have said before that if we look closely at our lives, we all express our creativity in some manner. Cooking a delicious meal, planting a beautiful garden, knitting or sewing are some other ways. 

Here’s another way to paint without a brush…..using needle and thread.  I recently partnered with Gecko Rouge and started having my artwork made into cross stitch patterns and kits. Gecko Rouge prints the designs and then matches the threads very closely to the ones in the artwork. Many are enjoying seeing their creations on their walls and pillows, not to mention the therapeutic benefit that comes from the creative process.

I am proud to announce that Gecko Rouge has made it into one of the most popular magazines in cross-stitching “The World of Cross Stitching”. Out of their hundreds of patterns, my “Fantasy Fish” batik kit is part of the advertising.  Thank you Gecko Rouge for this opportunity and for showing the world one of my pieces. 

Magazine - Front and Back

My artwork on the bottom right-hand side of the page
Up close photo of the advertised piece.
How do you express yourself? Use the comments space below to share.

Clink HERE to view some of the items in the collection.

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