Monday, January 16, 2012

Yes....Even on Metal!

I had a fellow artist ask me the other day if I still have art available on canvas or paper. He was speaking about the fact that my art has spread during 2011 to other functional pieces in and out of the home. It all starts on paper and canvas, but why should the life of that work end? Song writers, play writers, singers, actors and authors are able to have their work live on with additional publishing, royalties, radio play, etc. Visual artists receive this same compensation through art licensing. I believe that during these hard economic times someone would rather enjoy art in a functional manner, or made from different materials. Phone cases, IPad covers, cross-stitch patterns are also ways to have a beautiful piece of art on a functional piece.

Here is an abstract that already inspired a pillow:.

Beyond the Sea Pillow -

I am happy to announce that I just signed an art licensing agreement with a company that does wall art in metal; my first for 2012. Here's a way of art evolving from paper or canvas to meet the needs of the public. and the possibilities of being hung in a different environment. Once all the details have been worked out and the art manufactured for sale, I will provide the details.

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  1. This is gorgeous! I love the pillow, and I love the original even more. I think that you are right, though. These days it is more economical to turn everyday things, like pillows, into works of art, rather than put something else on your walls. I have a good friend that is a fine art photographer, and I think I will suggest to him that he put some of his prints on pillows, blankets, etc, and see how well they sell. Thanks for the idea!