Sunday, October 16, 2011

Aging Life lessons

Most of us see our parents age and die. Sometimes it happens early in life and you are not able to learn the lessons that aging brings to one’s life. Having lost my Dad in my 30’s, when I still thought I had another 100 years left, was quite different than watching my Mother age and deteriorate now.

No, this is not a depressing personal story, but a way  to assess where I am in life, what am I creating and what I want to accomplish. My Mom does not realize that even at this stage in our lives, she is still teaching me valuable lessons. This experience has put an urgency in what I want to see and do. What new creative method can I learn before my fingers don’t move this well and I am unable to get around as swiftly as I do now? Watching another household being taken apart has also enforced my sense of generosity. I have learned that I should give away my treasures early while I am still able to understand and enjoy the happiness that it  brings to others.

Let’s assess and enjoy the beauty and opportunities that this day brings. Look, plan and create as if you will not be able to do it tomorrow!


  1. Yep, Rosie, give me in life! Take advantage of each day with all the new gifts each brings!

    Yep!!! By the grace of God we go...

    Like the abstract!!! Yummy colors!

  2. Elizabet, yes I am watching "The Circle of Life".....grandchildren and aging parent.

    Angeline, you seem to already take advantage of each day by creating and going on adventures.

    Thank you both for reading and commenting!