Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Daniel “Krave” Fila…...At The Lowe

What happens at the Lowe….cannot stay at the Lowe!
I must tell you about the lecture/presentation we had last week. It was mind-opening and inspiring. Imagine having a graffiti/urban artist at the Lowe. If the word illegal or maybe gangs comes to your mind when I say graffiti, you are right, but graffiti has moved on to become an acceptable art form created legally and on commissioned walls.

Some of you may not know the name Daniel “Krave” Fila, our lecturer, but if you live in Miami you may have seen his art. Daniel started out as a Miami graffiti artist. He is now better known internationally as an urban artist. His lecture/presentation further opened my mind to this art form. He talks about this art with so much love and passion. 

Daniel Fila explaining urban art (assisted by Docent Joan Treacy)

Daniel Fila demonstrates the various lettering.
Daniel's  work can be seen from the walls of the Wynwood Art District, to the wall across from Domino Park in Little Havana, to a million dollar waterfront mansion. That indicates that his art has crossed ethnic and financial boundaries throughout the City. As a traditional artist, not yet out of the box, Daniel made me want to experiment and express myself in yet another manner. Daniel, here’s what you inspired.  It may not be my art form, but it was fun. To see Daniel's work and video click here  or on the underlined words above.
Much success to you!

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