Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fabric Design

Artists like to see their art enjoyed by many. To do this, artists extend the life of their creations in either a print or a postcard made from that original piece.

Recently, I was introduced to another way to make my art available for other purposes. Thanks to my fellow artist, Valentina, I found out about Spoonflower; a company that makes it possible for individuals to design, print and sell their own fabric designs.  Valentina Ramos is a graphic artist whose designs are taking over the market. I don’t know how she does it, but she always finds new ways to introduce her art.

Flower Power Series - by Rosie Brown

LiLa Series - by Valentina Ramos
How exciting for an artist to see what they created on a canvas or paper made available as a piece of fabric. Imagine your art used on a pillow, a quilt, a skirt, a tablecloth, a placemat. I can go on and on with the ways to use these fabrics.  Above are a couple of samples showing our designs. Valentina calls this series “Lila” and I call mine “Flower Power”, reminiscent of the 1960’s peace & love era. Stay tuned for many other ways that I will be sharing my art.


  1. Rosie, the colors and designs on your fabrics are *GREAT*. Are you already selling those in Spoonflower? Thank you for sharing my fabrics here in your blog!

  2. Thanks, Valentina! I am selling these in Spoonflower. Thank *YOU* for leading me in this direction.Your designs are fabulous. Continued success, Amiga!!

  3. How fabulous, your so industrious, I still haven't learned youtube. Congratulations I will stay in the awe moment.

  4. Thanks, AnnaMaria! Valentina seems to know the market well. What a great way to share our art. Stay tuned.....more ways coming!

  5. Nice colourful designs. All hand drawn and then digitally printed I expect? Interesting.!

  6. Yes, these are artworks that are reproduced in fabrics. To find out more about the different fabric types/designs available, go to the web address below and then on the fabric. Thanks!