Monday, June 27, 2011

Mural Mural On the Wall

 Some people like to hang a painting on the wall and some people like lots of paint on their walls. Then there are those that want to have a painting painted on their entire wall. It is great when a customer likes what you do so much that they want you to paint their walls. The person that owns this house lives in Kendall, but she loves to do two things: 1) Go to the beach and 2) Entertain. Her request was to have the walls in her atrium painted so that when she looks out through the French doors, she can imagine that she has a waterfront home. In the back of the house, she has a pool. What better way to entertain the guests than by having them look at a chiki hut bar instead of a blank wall. She has had a wood counter installed on that wall and her guests can  now have a place to put their drinks while outdoors. You can transform any wall with a brush and some paint.


  1. we all want to surround ourselves with our dreams. had to smile, i just finished a mural of paris scenes, then went to see the film "evening in paris.

  2. Congratulations! Would love to see a photo of your mural. An "Evening in Paris" is a nice reward for all the hard work.