Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Little Red Sketchbook

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my participation in the Sketchbook Project. The topic that I selected was "If You Lived Here". I felt that it would give me a good variety of things to sketch. I am not one of those artists that carries a sketchbook around. I usually just take photos that interest me and paint from that. I rarely sketch except on the paper or canvas that eventually becomes a painting. For this reason, I am finding this project more difficult than expected. I decided to use the first page to introduce my topic. You may not see clearly what the sketch shows, but it is all of the beautiful and crazy things that you find in Florida and that I may possibly sketch. Once I complete all of my sketches, the cover will be decorated.

My second sketch was inspired by the Grove Gallery Walk last month. The galleries were all exhibiting beautiful works of art. There was music all around. After walking around the Grove, we joined the drum circle. Beating those drums is therapeutic and the beat can be felt all over your body.

I am now in the process of sketching something happening this week. If you run into me these days, I will very likely be carrying my little red sketchbook!

The art above is by: Carol Kingsley and Terry Mulrooney


  1. Rosie,
    I am finding the project challenging, too.

    I have a few sketchbooks of my own laying around the house, all at various stages of completion since 2008 and none with a deadline but the "little red sketchbook."

    Good job so far, Rosie! Mine is stalled for the moment, LOL.

  2. Angeline, let's complete this project and work with Nancy on her exhibit idea.

    Thanks for the comment!