Thursday, July 15, 2010

What Next??

Some artists find a medium or material that they like and use it to express themselves for life. Others enjoy looking at different ways and may continue to search. I fall in the latter group......for now. Oil on canvas was my first love, with photography as a close second. Four years ago, prior to my retirement, I started with watercolors. Through artist friends, organizations and workshops, I have found that there are many ways to paint with watercolors; on rice paper, on yupo paper, etc.

Acrylics is another medium that allows you to further experiment. I can use it on shells, wood, and rocks. Different areas of the country can also inspire you to change material. As I posted below, spending time in North Georgia has exposed me to painting gourds. Here in South Florida, it's palm fronds.

Wonder what other artistic mean I would find during these care free days of retirement? What about silk? A friend and fellow member of the GroveHouse Artists Gallery, Lynda Wellens, is also a teacher at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. She taught a two-day class on painting silk scarves. Here's a group of us posing with our newest creations. What could I possibly take up next? Any suggestions???


  1. I saw the posts about the silk scarves on Facebook. They look beautiful!

    Sadly, I have to find ways to "do art" when I am off. Actually, I am GLAD that I DO NOT have to wait until I retire to "do art!"

    Glad you are on adventures!

  2. Angeline, when I worked I used to do art like you....when I found the time. Retirement just allows me to do it any day, any time!!