Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer

Summers are slow in the art world, especially here in the south. There are no outdoor shows and not many indoor shows. One of the indoor shows is the Fairchild Artist in Bloom exhibition. This show is open to anyone that has taken a class or workshop at the garden. It also includes the works of the Fairchild teachers. I took a watercolor batik workshop at the garden back in September and decided I would exhibit a couple of pieces I made after the workshop. This workshop, taught by the talented Lynda Wellens, has given me another avenue to express myself. This weekend I had to say goodbye to the piece above, since someone liked it enough to take it home with them.

At the same time that this exhibit was happening, I was getting seven pieces ready to be delivered to a fabulous little boutique in South Miami. Isabel's Gifts is a place where one item is just more beautiful than the next. It is a privilege that my pieces adorn the walls of this space.

Art is not always found in fine places like Fairchild and Isabel's. I am presently working on a piece for the "Divine Debris & Glorious Trash Exhibit" coming up next month at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. There are two requirements for the pieces: they must be made from recycled materials, debris, or trash and the work must be about Miami Beach. I gathered my working pieces and I am now assembling them into a piece of art. I will post these pictures at a later date. I just need to say that I had to put my gathered materials away to prevent the yard people from hauling them away. Yes, I am turning trash into art!

As you can see, I have yet to find a lazy day this summer.

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